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Adopt good working practice thanks to Training

NOTEO FORMATIONS provides training on office, technical and professional applications for users and I.T. staff.
All our training courses are led by experienced trainers, whether it be OFFICE, Computer Aided Drawing, Computer Aided Design, or Microsoft technologies such as Exchange Server, SQL Server or Windows Server.

As a Microsoft Sharepoint business integration partner, we provide training on this platform for users and technical staff. More broadly, we provide training on all the products and developments we supply to our customers.

Consult our OFFICE catalogue.
For technical and professional training, contact us.

Our centre is in Compiègne (Oise), where we welcome our training course participants for our inter-company sessions, which are organized throughout the year (inter-company calendars).

For our intra-company sessions, we operate all over the country and, for training courses taking place near Compiègne (Hauts de France), we can provide our own All-In-One-type PCs

Since January 2016, NOTEO FORMATIONS has been a TOSA approved centre.
This accreditation allows us to deliver certified training courses that are available within the framework of the CPF.

Practical Information:

  • Free parking
  • A 10-minute walk from the station
  • Restaurants and catering outlets nearby

Our centre is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 2:00 to 5:30.

NOTEO is registered as a training provider under number 22 60 02683 60.

Ask for our Programme

NOTEO offers a wide choice of training courses

Office softwares:


Computer Aided Drawing / Computer Aided Design:


Microsoft technologies:

Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL SERVER, Microsoft SHAREPOINT

Certain training courses are available from beginner level up to advanced level for training periods ranging from 0.5 to 5 days.

Update training programmes are also available for Microsoft products such as WINDOWS and OFFICE, with modules of one day per software (EXCEL, WORD, ACCESS) or we can group together the different new features available in OFFICE (with several different combinations) in one day’s training.

For our intra-company training, we work with company training managers to build programmes that are specific to and designed for the needs and culture of each company.

Our standard programmes are available and can be found in our catalogues.

Read our  OFFICE SOFTWARE catalogue.
For technical and professional training, please contact us.

Inter-Company Calendar

Our office software inter-company training courses take place in our fully-equipped training rooms (All-In-One PCs, video-projector, whiteboard) in our centre in Compiègne.

In order to ensure we provide a quality learning experience and a better teaching approach:

  • We confirm, upon request, the level of participants’ knowledge, by using a positioning questionnaire prior to the training
  • We allow a maximum of 6 participants per session
  • For certified training courses, participants can take the TOSA at our training centre
  • Sessions are still held provided there are at least 2 participants
  • (Cancellation rate in 2016: 0%)


A Suitable Methodology

All our sessions combine guided learning and practical exercises in order for participants to acquire the essential skills.

The positioning questionnaires filled in prior to the training enable us to put together groups of participants with the same level of knowledge, which helps the learning process.

For all our modules, participants confirm their expected objectives at the beginning of the training so we can adjust our methodology.

For the intra-company modules, participants can, if they wish, use their own work documents during the practical exercises, provided their company and the trainer have given their prior agreement (this is particularly the case for ACCESS or Excel VBA training sessions with small groups).

You are an Employee

The Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF), which replaced the Droit Individuel à la Formation (DIF) on 1st January 2016, is a system which allows employees to take the initiative.

This CPF account, which accrues hours, can be used by all employees throughout their professional careers and allows them to take certified training courses.

NOTEO meets the needs of employees wishing to use their CPF to take certified I.T. training courses, thanks to its TOSA accreditation.

Software Available: 

Consult your employer for details about the procedure to follow as well as the financing options.

More information at

You are a Company

NOTEO works closely with numerous companies, mainly in the Oise Department, to help them draw up their Training Plans.

We assist our customers with the identification of training needs, the delivery of training and the drawing up of the assessment of training courses that have taken place.

We deliver training based on products from well-known publishers, but we also create our own programmes in order to meet our customers’ specific needs in terms of content.

And in order to ensure that each request is fulfilled, the inter-company sessions we organize on our premises allow us to include a participant when there is not enough demand in his/her company to organize an intra-company session.