Develop your digital attitude

Mobility: think “application”

Consulting a catalogue, placing an order with secure payment, an application integrating geolocation and QR Code functionalities, we develop mobile applications for businesses in all sectors of activity.

These applications are connected to your IT system on a centralised base such as ERP or multi-base.

Our developments are multi-platform, available on Android and iOS systems.

As is the case for all our design projects, we use Microsoft technology for our mobile developments.

Web Portals: Facilitate communication with your partners

Making a complaint, requesting a quote, there are numerous uses of the web portal which revolutionize communication with your partners.

Our expertise in terms of management applications, particularly CRM applications, has naturally led us to develop web portals connected to businesses’ information systems.

There are multiple advantages to a portal, notably the direct, continuous supply of information to your systems from your customers or suppliers, but these same partners also have access to relevant, up-to-date information such as dashboards, order or invoice history…

We use advanced Microsoft technology for the design of our Web portals.

Collaborative Applications: Share and release information

Our collaborative applications are based on Microsoft SharePoint’s platform.

Mainly intended for collaborative projects within a business, these applications can also be accessible to your external partners: share documents within a team, in the context of a project, for members of the Board of Directors, make dashboards available…..there are multiple uses.

We advise you on the design of your collaborative application and adapt its design to the company’s corporate style.

Our applications are available and adaptable while on the move and meet all essential security requirements.

Data Analysis and Complex Calculations

The growing amount of data feeding into information systems offers businesses the opportunity to make the best use of this data by analysing it.

We develop the instruments which will enable you to explore and analyse this data.

For example, our algorithms make it possible to extract knowledge from the data and answer a complex question, or divide a collection of data into different homogenous “parcels”, so that the data in each sub-set shares common characteristics.

These developments are at the crossroads between mathematics and I.T.

Tailor-made professional developments

It is rare for all of a company’s needs in terms of I.T. programs and applications to be met by the software packages available on the market, however many and however adaptable they may be.

NOTEO develops tailor-made applications for its customers to meet very specific needs.

For example, it may be applications developed based on data coming from industrial I.T., from embedded applications on smart bar-code terminals.

We only use Microsoft technology for these professional developments.

Integrate your telephony into your information system

Drawing on our experience of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NOTEO has developed a telephony convergence application (CTI) between Microsoft’s CRM and telephony.

Our application works equally well receiving a call on a landline system such as PBX, or on an iOS or Android phone.

This expertise, which, in particular, enables files to be extracted, can also be applied to other applications, such as Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Access, Excel) or any other application available on the market.

MS Office developments are not forgotten

Even though ACCESS databases are gradually being replaced by applications using new technology, many businesses still have them and they need to be adapted and updated.

Via our development service, we offer our customers the necessary skills in ACCESS, ACCESS VBA or EXCEL VBA.

Vectorial Graphics: the final touch

We offer a whole range of graphic vectorial indicators.

Using the needs expressed by our customers, we develop these indicators based on data held in the data base or Data Warehouse, and the details can be viewed.

We adapt our indicators to the type of data to be presented and to our customers’ preferences.

These indicators can be published on web portals or collaborative portals.