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Increase your process vision

Open the door to Industry 4.0

Resolutely oriented towards "Industry 4.0", we develop new generation applications with mixed reality technology for our customers in the industry.

Whether it is production operators, logistics warehouse workers or maintenance technicians, we provide the industry with applications that combine their real environment with 3D visuals or holograms.

Users of these applications continue to evolve in their real work environment while benefiting from checklists, demonstrations, operating modes, 3D display or holographic videos.

The advantages of these technologies are numerous: keeping hands free for the accomplishment of its missions, automatic synchronization with the information system of the company through gesture, voice or look actions.

Mixed reality technology is an additional part that NOTEO adds to its "industry business" offer, in synchronization with its Customer Service, on-site intervention management, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence applications.

Based on the feedback from our customers, NOTEO adopts a continuous improvement approach of its business solutions.